A Few Of Our Essentials

  • Online Training Library
  • Safety commitment
  • Chauffeur Mystery Ride Program
  • Preferred Fleet
  • Affiliate Screening Program
  • Global Secured Transport
  • Global Affiliate Webinars
  • Chapp Chauffeur APP w/GPS Tracking
  • Smith System Driver Seminar Training
  • On Board Evaluation Drive-Cam
  • First Aid Kits
  • Auto Roadside Vehicle Emergency Kits
  • Fire Extinguishers & Blankets

Data Security

Our data security suite is comprised of the latest technologies to ensure your peace of mind.

Triple Redundancy Servers Cloud Backup – Every 4 hours all present and future Ride data is being sent to “Cloud” Two Separate Offsite data backups for all system and servers SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certification Disaster Recovery - Business-Continuity-Plan Because safety and security isn't just about the ride.

Data Security
Performance Quality

Performance Quality

We do our best to be true to our mission, values and promises, offering exceptional service 100% of the time across our entire network. In the unlikely event of a service issue, we will post an incident, investigate the incident within the first 24 hours, and respond with the findings within 48 hours. We’ll include any resolution to ensure future service exceeds your expectations, and we’ll make it right. We will always hold true to our values and mission to deliver upon our promises! No excuses!


We employ a series of methodologies to ensure business continuity and consistency of service in the event of an emergency. From Rapid Response Teams to our Business Continuity Design, we’ve planned for the worse, to give you our best. People centered plans for our most important assets.

Safety 1st Training Program

Your Safety-1st. At RideCentric, we've carefully engineered a safety program that exceeds the industry standard. We make Duty of Care our primary concern, because people are our most important asset. From our insurance coverage to hiring policies, affiliate and associate agreements, training and development, we leave nothing to chance. Our Safety1st program focuses on all aspects of safety across our entire network. Around the office, in the car, and while off duty, our associates and affiliates are prepared for the unexpected.